Don\’t Waste Your Time Shopping On-Line!

Why would you waste your time shopping on-line when you can let a Free Personal Shopper do your shopping for you.  No, this is not a luxury and it doesn’t cost you a penny.  Tell them what you want and they do the rest.  You just make the final decision.

You are so busy, that you really don’t even have the time to read this article.  But read it anyway, it’s worth it. 

You are constantly on the run and don’t have time for anything, especially to go shopping.

You tried shopping online, but that takes a lot of time as well, going from website to website, then getting frustrated, giving up and ending up with nothing.

If that describes you, then:

What you need is a Personal Shopper.

At one time a personal shopper was a someone that only the very wealthy could afford, but times have changed.  Today a personal shopper is available to you and everyone else who doesn’t have the time to shop.

The beauty of it is that it’s:It’s Free. It’s Simple. It’s Easy.It’s Risk free.It’s Personalized.It’s Detailed.It’s Human.

And you have absolutely no obligation to buy anything. 

How it Works.

You want to buy, let’s say, a Digital Camera, you don’t know much about them , really don’t have the time to do the research and you would like an unbiased opinion.  In addition you want it at the cheapest price. 

Your job is to tell the Personal Shopper what you’re looking for.  The more specific you are, the better your results.  Fill out a Form that tells the Personal Shopper, what you want, then sit back and do whatever else you must do.  Within a day you will have a selection of item’s that match your requirements as closely as possible. 

The key to getting the best results is to be as specific as possible.  For example, if you want a Digital Camera, just to take snap shots of the family on vacation and want to simply point and shoot, without getting technical,  say so.  This way you won’t get results telling you about cameras with interchangeable lenses, that are meant for professionals. The type of Report that you will receive, will include three or four choices with links to each, the product details, the prices, who has the cheapest price, a review of the product and a link to each site. 

All you need to do is make the final decision and purchase.

Be Realistic.

Be realistic with your requests.  If you want a 50″ Plasma HDTV for $ 200., don’t waste the shoppers time.  Actually, unrealistic requests will generally be bounced back to you.  The Personal Shoppers time is precious.  They are doing a service for you and don’t have the time to waste on un-realistic searches. 

The Negatives.

There are none.  There is absolutely no cost to you and in most cases you are saving extra money and of course your time, which is expensive. 

The Personal Shopper makes a commission from the merchant when you purchase the item.  Therefore, it is important to make the purchase using the links they provide.  That’s the way you can show your appreciation for the work they’ve done for you.  In addition, there are times that the Personal Shopper gets special deals that you will not see if you go directly to the merchants website, without using the links they provide.

Happy Shopping!