Phone Shopping That Gets Results!

Lots of people are shopping online to find the best deals available to them. This can be a great way to comparison shop by making certain that the price you ultimately pay is the lowest price available. Unfortunately, there is one big drawback to online shopping: unless you are already familiar with a particular product, you simply have no idea how it works and in some cases how it looks.

You knew that cell phone of yours has a purpose beyond chatting with friends and taking some pictures, didn’t you? Yes, your cell phone can be used to retrieve prices on a whole host of products and you don’t even have to access the internet to accomplish that task.

Today, 21st century marketers have discovered a whole new way for consumers to shop. By simply calling a toll free number and keying in a product code, a whole list of stores selling the product you want along with their prices is given back to you. This automated feature will even allow for you to place an order for the product from your cell phone if you wish.

Yes, if you head to your local big box retailer and search the aisles for, let’s say, a high speed color printer you can locate the product code, input the information into your cell phone, and get a whole list of stores back with prices for that very same item. If it turns out that the lowest price is in that store, then go ahead and pick up the item, pay for it, and you are on your way. Should it turn out that a competitor has the same item for less, you could either go over to that store to buy it or you can key in additional information and place your order right over the phone for shipment to your home. It is that easy!Are there exceptions to the rule? Yes, if a product is made exclusively for that retailer, then there won’t be other stores carrying the item. Simply go ahead and make your purchase there. Also, not everything is listed through this service…yet. This can include brand new products plus a few select products that aren’t even listed online. This particular service checks the internet sites for the product so if it isn’t available to you online, you won’t be able to order it over the phone either.

In all, service like these can be terrific for time pressed individuals and who isn’t pressed for time these days? Why run from store to store wasting gas? Instead, simply visit just one retailer, examine the product in person, and then call a toll free number to compare prices and place your order. It’s a free service, can make your life easier, and save you tons of money.